Join us for a Walking Tour of St Petersburg, Florida. Filled with fascinating stories, unusual occurrences and interesting characters. Tours meet daily.

On June 8, 1888 a locomotive named Mattie huffed and puffed to the end of a new railroad line. It hauled along an empty freight car and a passenger coach bearing a single passenger, a shoe salesman from Savannah, Georgia , who promptly left the following day. From those humble beginnings up to today, the story of the city of St. Petersburg is filled with fascinating stories,unusual occurrences and interesting characters.

Now, the extraordinary story of St. Petersburg comes alive during this 2 hour stroll through the historic downtown.

Long before air conditioning, automobiles and shopping malls, the city of St. Petersburg was selling a story of perfect weather, good health, and unending leisure, told through the eyes of scoundrels, robber barons and promoters.

As you walk through the city streets with your knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide, the past will come alive.


Learn how a Russian-born nobleman won the rights to name the new city.


Meet Bill Carpenter and his pal Joe Honey who, in 1916 loaded a
6-foot alligator named “Trouble” into a car and took off on a 14,000
mile road trip.


Hear the stories of when famous slugger Babe Ruth made
St. Petersburg his own playground,  when the irrepressible
“Handsome” Jack Taylor held  court in town and “Dad” Gandy
collected tolls on the bridge that still bears  his name.

Tours meet according to the schedule on the calendar at the Sundial in downtown St. Petersburg, 153 2nd Ave N, St Petersburg, FL 33701

 Meet the tour at the beautiful Sundial St.Petersburg

logo-sundialnew1  153 2nd Avenue North, St. Petersburg, Florida, 33701